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An elegant interior starts with a clear base, a Kanvas.

Thanks to their extremely fine weave structure, Kanvas stretch ceilings offer a uniform background, so that the other elements of the room can be highlighted. A Kanvas stretch ceiling can blend into the architectural design, but thanks to the versatility of our product, a Kanvas stretch ceiling can also enhance the design.


Discover our wide range of stretch ceilings

Fundamental stretch ceilings

Our basic fabric is called PRIME, a polyester fabric with an extremely fine but very strong weave structure that won't tear or warp and offers a sublime, smooth and durable finish.
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Acoustic stretch ceilings

Dampen unwanted sounds with micro-perforated cloth and acoustic absorption materials tailored to your space.
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Luminous stretch ceilings

A SKYLIGHT is a translucent stretch ceiling with integrated lighting, ideal for rooms with little natural light.
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Structured stretch ceilings

Bring variety and life to your stretch ceiling. MOONCRETE is a structured acoustic fabric inspired by painting techniques.
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Discover how Kanvas finishes your stretch ceiling

Tension profile

The minimalist Kanvas tensioning profile ensures a clean finish and unideal closure in any interior and against any background. Experienced installers manually tension the fabric in the tension profile, ensuring a strong grip with durable tension. A tensioning profile is white as standard, but can also be chosen in black. This gives the effect of a shadow gap.


Before installing a stretch ceiling, we first draw up a lighting plan based on your wishes, looking for the right balance between ambient and functional lighting. We then supply and install the lighting.


In addition to lighting, a stretch ceiling or stretch wall can also integrate other technologies in an elegant way. Think ventilation, a technical hatch, a smoke detector, camera, projector....Our experts will be delighted to discuss the various possibilities with you.



In complex spaces, such as U- or L-shapes or ceilings over 5.10m wide, we combine several fabrics. No welding, our experienced fitters join two fabrics into a two-piece profile, so that there is no difference in level or shading and only the stretch ceiling is visible. We manage this situation creatively, for example by strategically integrating lighting and adapting the alignment to the initial design of the project so that the seams are an integral part of the overall project.

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