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What is a stretch ceiling?

A stretch ceiling is a polyester plastic fabric that is stretched under the existing ceiling. It is made to measure and applied with great precision by an experienced installer, with the fabric being stretched and held in place by the fixing profile. 

There is a choice of different colours and finishes, and a stretch ceiling is usually finished in a few days, including the lighting. Stretch ceilings are suitable for both new builds and renovations.

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Why choose a stretch ceiling?

A stretch ceiling offers a number of advantages: you can make a room warmer, freshen it up or conceal a raw ceiling or ceiling with exposed beams for aesthetic or hygienic reasons. Electrical cables and other conduits are concealed in the void of the lowered ceiling and spotlights or lighting levels are expertly fixed against the rigid ceiling.

An adapted ceiling can also significantly improve room acoustics. Find out more about our Kanvas Softsound acoustic solutions.

A suspended ceiling also saves you considerable heating costs. With a Kanvas stretch ceiling as a suspended ceiling, you also benefit from easy maintenance and effective protection in the event of fire. 

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What types of stretch ceilings already exist?

There are currently 2 types of stretch ceiling: PVC and polyester. We only work with polyester stretch ceilings because we believe in the durability of the unheated technique.



The Prime stretch ceiling is a particularly flattering finish for your contemporary interior, thanks to its fine infrastructure. This system is available in 3 standard colours but it is possible to print in the colour of your choice

White : RAL 9016

Off-white : RAL 9010

Black : RAL 9005



SOFTSOUND is a revolutionary ceiling finish for noise-sensitive spaces. An elegant matt finish with an absorbent micro perforation makes this type of ceiling an acoustic system at the cutting edge of technology. 

This suspended ceiling system is available in 3 standard colours, but can also be printed in the colour of your choice.

White: RAL 9016

Off-white: RAL 9010

Black: RAL RAL 9005


In acoustically sensitive areas, it is also possible to combine the height of SoftSound fabric with acoustic panels, giving an Alpha of 0.85.



Is a translucent stretch ceiling for original integration of light and special atmospheres. With cool or warm LED lighting and variable colour shades, SKYLIGHT is a unique interior luminaire.

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How much does a stretch ceiling cost?

The biggest taboo surrounding stretch ceilings is that they are unaffordable. Nothing could be further from the truth. What is certain is that the price of a Kanvas stretch ceiling is competitive with other traditional ceiling systems.

The price of a stretch ceiling system depends on your project, its size and the type of stretch ceiling you prefer. 

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What are the lighting options?

As always, Kanvas anticipates and considers the needs and objectives of the use of the space. Together we look for the right balance between ambience and functional lighting. Before we start work on the site, we draw up a detailed lighting plan. If you wish, we can deliver and install the lighting. This way there's no need for a third party and we save you stress and unnecessary planning.


Almost all lighting can be integrated into a stretch ceiling.


Kanvas incorporates all lighting into carefully prepared fittings made of hard material. This means that even if the lighting is repeatedly removed and replaced, you don't have to worry about chipping or other damage in the long term.


As an official distributor of quality brands, we offer you a particularly wide range of lighting at the best prices.

From simple spotlights to the most sophisticated luminaires, our range speaks for itself!

To find out more about lighting a stretch ceiling click here.

Can a stretch ceiling be washed?

A polyester stretch ceiling is washable. We also have a special product and a glove for cleaning the fabric gently and correctly.

Can a stretch ceiling sag or crack?

Have you heard stories of stretched ceilings losing their battle against gravity over time? These are often thermo-sensitive fabrics that relax under the effect of heat.

1. Cold tensioning system

Kanvas works with cold tensioning systems that do not react to these problems. Our technological advances have been particularly important in this respect, ensuring that your ceiling will remain beautiful and smooth in the future too.

2. Weave structure

Another crucial aspect is the weave structure of the ceiling itself. Our fabrics feature the finest weave structure on the market, which makes a huge difference not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of quality.

3. Profile Pure Line

The profiles in which the ceiling is fixed are naturally also a decisive factor. Kanvas Pure Line stretch ceilings have an exceptionally strong and fine grip. As a result, your ceiling retains its maximum tension year after year.

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How does a collaboration with kanvas work?

Our specialists Irven and Sébastien are your first point of contact, and will help you with expert advice and explanations. They will discuss with you, and if you wish, receive you in one of Kanvas' demonstration areas or showrooms. Once we have a clear understanding of your needs and wishes, we will present you with a competitive, tailor-made proposal.

Our focus here is on suitable ceiling materials, but if you wish we can also draw up a sophisticated lighting plan for you. Acoustic standards, fire resistance values, functionality and aesthetics as well as lighting are the key factors.

Once your project has been planned, it's up to Sven, our project manager, to keep in touch with you to communicate, by email and telephone, about the timetable and execution. The products. (ceiling systems and possibly lighting and technical equipment) are ordered and carefully stored, when they arrive, in our workshop. On the day of installation, our "men" arrive at your home and start preparing the site. Our team is made up of experienced stretch ceiling installers. The electrical cables are placed in the right place, the fittings for lighting or fittings are carefully positioned at the right height and the profiles are perfectly aligned using a laser beam. Once everything is in place, we carefully begin to install your stretch ceiling. After cleaning and vacuuming, the fabric is unfolded and the installation of the Kanvas ceiling in the stretch profiles begins.

Watch as the ceiling system stretches almost like magic to form a particularly elegant, fine and durable surface!

The other components, such as lighting and other technology, are now installed with particular care and you can simply enjoy the end result. Our accountant Ilse will help you if you have any questions about the finishing touches. 

Like you, we're proud of the result. Our photographer Lize will visit you (subject to your agreement) after completion of the project to take photos of its realisation so that we can also include your project on our reference page.

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